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Software Emulators for Tandy Computers


DOS Based Emulator CoCo 2 – by Jeff Vavasour

DOS Based Emulator for CoCo 3 – by Jeff Vavasour

VCC 1.42 – CoCo 3 Emulator for Windows – Very easy to use.

VCC 2.0 – CoCo 3 Emulator for Windows – Latest Release

XROAR – CoCo / Dragon Emulator


On-Line Java Based MC-10 Emulator

Virtual MC-10 Emulator – Windows


World of Dragon Archive – Not only Emulation Solutions for the Dragon, but also Downloads and other resources.

TRS-80 Model 1/2/3/4

DOS Based TRS-80 Model I Emulator – by Jeff Vavasour

DOS Based TRS-80 Model III/IV Emulator – by Jeff Vavasour

TRS-80 Model 100/102

VirtualT – Model 100 Emulator – Multiple Platforms (Windows, Mac, Linux)


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